lazy sunday

okay! well, here's something to write about:

mom and dad got a new dog last week, and i finally made it home to see it. her name is bear (or ursa, they need to make up their mind or the dog will have an identity crisis) and she is a bernese mountain dog. i have always put off the idea of getting a new dog since our golden died a few years ago. i always though he (taz) would be irreplaceable but my heart softened a little and eventually grew one full size once i saw the new puppy.

she is all kinds of awesome. rolled around in the grass with her most of the day, got to break-in the new mower, and finished it off with a great supper of grilled steak and corn on the cob. i actually can't remember the last time i had a peaceful, content sunday like that.

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hi, livejournal!

we used to be together back in the day. . . I neglected you, abused you, and ultimately bahleeted you.

i don't know any of my LJ peeps anymore . . . i just made a new one to comment on/ask questions about one of my favorite shows (the venture brothers!)

i promise things will be different this time, LJ! i've changed, i swear it.

i might even write things on here from time to time.

not sure why my picture still has a drawn-on santa hat in it during June.